Monday, May 3, 2010

Review:Kiss In Newcastle, UK

(from @ Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, May 2 2010
When God gave rock and roll to us one of the bands he surely earmarked for blind worship was Kiss.
This moving Sunday service in Newcastle might not have seen the largest congregation ever to grace the city’s cavernous arena but the faith, if not the ticket sales, was strong.
And thanks to a sensational sermon lasting more than two hours those who did choose to pay homage at the church of Kiss were treated to pure rock heaven.
But the sad thing is that it’s doubtful we’ll see the like again – at least on Tyneside. A business like Kiss simply can’t afford to play to half empty venues and the frowns across the faces of the stream of staff emerging from stage right before and during the show said it all.

The empty seats will have been duly noted and the bean counters ordered to calculate the loss. Or at least asked to explain why Newcastle and Sheffield were put on sale long after the original raft of Sonic Boom Over Europe dates were announced. With so many of the region’s die-hard fans already committed to costly trips to Manchester and Glasgow this gig was always going to be a hard sell.
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