Friday, May 14, 2010

Kiss Live at Wembley: Review /Night #2 May 13, 2010

KISS AT WEMBLEY MAY 13, 2010 Cristina M.
The Circus is finally in town. The Sonic Circus, that is. Kiss and their stratospheric show hit the UK capital for two Wembley dates that, as expected, turn into a fancy dress gathering. Demons, Starchildren, Spacemen and Catmen of all ages and shapes populate the area, and when I say all ages I totally mean it: gone are the times when my cousins and I used to stick Kiss vinyls on the turntable at family parties as a rebellious statement; gone are the times when Gene’s tongue was symbol of evil and debauchery; tonight I’m surrounded of mums and dads with kids in Kiss make up, so much so, it feels like a Fun Fair with face painting. Kiss a family event? Who would have thought...

Suddenly, I feel the need to re-watch Detroit Rock City. Will have to wait though, as it's time to get in and enjoy the ride. You wanted the best, you got the best - ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the ones and only KISS!
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