Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paul Stanley:Doc McGhee is not managing Guns N' Roses

In the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, Paul Stanley was asked about Kiss' manager now representing Axl Roses' version of the 80's band.
"That's been very funny," Paul replied. "A few weeks ago I said to Doc: 'It would've been nice if you'd told us.' Doc replied: 'I had nothing to to do with it.'"Stanley added, "Axl has decided, from what I understand, that Doc is his manager. That's a one-way agreement. because Doc is not managing GUNS N' ROSES. One day he certainly might but he's not right now. And he definitely is still our manager."

Neither GUNS N' ROSES nor Axl Rose is listed as a client on McGhee Entertainment's official web site.

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