Thursday, November 12, 2009


What an Amazing 2 days of Kisstory for me and my friend Ton-Kiss Army Arkansas! We got to the Somett Center in Nashville around 5 and went over to a few places on Broadway and one place had someone doing Facepainting!Found Genes Bus earlier and snapped a few pics! There was a Big Blockparty in front of the Somett center that evening and alot of people came in make up and costumes and i put on the Paul Make up for the day. There was a radio station dj there doing a costume contest, not sure who won that though. This was my 17th Kiss show and 1rst time going with my friend Tom, that to me is special! I Ran across some friends i knew from websites and chatted with them and just had fun! Buckcherry took the stage around 7:30 and played alot of songs i knew, they were ok. They were a little off on a few songs i thought. And now the lights went out around 9 and you look up on the small screems left and right of the place and you see them comming out! The place was close to being sold out and there were still people comming in as the night went through! You talk about fireworks! Gene , Paul, Tommy and Eric were really awsome that night! Paul got the crowd into singing a few times, including "Black Diamond", Gene was awsome in flying to the top as usuall and of course his fire breathing! 100,000 years was long but for a reason! This is where you get to see Eric put on one heck of a drum solo( his set comes up and spins around!) Yes i think the stage is bigger and badder! They performed a couple of songs from Sonic Boom, "Modern Day Delilah" and "Say Yeah"(which they did in Little Rock the next night too!) Then later came "Love Gun" which Paul flys to the back and sings to them there, it seamed he zoomed to the back really fast! That was an awsome show but for me it didnt stop there, from Nashville i headed to Little Rock to get ready to see them again at the Verizon arena there. You couldnt see Genes bus because it had been raining all day and still was when we got there. But rain didnt keep anyone from seeing the best there! We ran into Linda (Kiss Fan Site)and her family there and talked for a bit. Took a look around at the merchandise booth, i ended up picking up a shirt. Once again KISS Would take the stage around 9 and yes there was a small difference in the setlist from the other night to Little Rock, They didnt play both of the Sonic Boom songs back to back like the night before. Where we was sitting we could feel the music as well as the heat from the fireworks that kept going off! That was awsome! Another thing i knoticed(besides Gene and Paul and Tommy and Eric having a strasight up blast onstage is the fact on Black Diamond, Genes got you under his thumb was said in Nashville and Pauls got you under his thumb in Little Rock sanged by eric. The crowd was louder in Little Rock! This is what its all about, seeing the Best band on the planet and having a blast seeing them with your friends with ya, theres nothing like that! KISS has outdone themselves again, Look foward to seeing them again soon!
John Wicker
Kiss Army Missouri
Mayhem in this fan filmed clip from the 5th row at Kiss' Nashville show Oct. 28, 2009at the Sommet Center.

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