Thursday, November 12, 2009


By Rob Williams/Winnipeg Free Press

Fireworks, concussion bombs, fog and pyro are a normal part of most big rock concerts these days.
For Kiss, it's their introduction.
The New York rock band who helped invent the arena concert spectacle in the 1970s know exactly what their fans want. Say what you will about them -- still on the road nine years after their farewell tour -- there's no denying they know how to put on a big, dumb, flashy rock show.
"There's something about Canada that just brings out the best in Kiss. You're going to hear all the stuff you came for tonight," frontman Paul Stanley told the sold out crowd of 12,750 at the MTS Centre early last night.
He wasn't lying.
The band is touring in support of their first album in 11 years, Sonic Boom, but despite the fact it's a return to their classic sound, the band only played two new songs, Modern Day Delilah and Say Yeah, preferring to stick to hits from their 1970s heyday.
Much like the Alive! album they're celebrating with the title of the tour (Kiss Alive 35) the band opened with Deuce and Strutter off their 1974 self-titled debut. During the opening number founding members Stanley and demonic bassist Gene Simmons gathered at centre stage with lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, dressed in Ace Frehley's spaceman makeup and nailing every solo effortlessly, for some synchronized moves.

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