Tuesday, October 13, 2009

KISStory: "Creatures of the Night" 1982

Produced by Michael James Jackson, Paul Stanley
and Gene Simmons
Released: October 13, 1982.
The album cover featured Ace Frehley, but is not on the album.
Lead guitar chores went to Rick Derringer, Vinnie Vincent, Bob
Kulick, Steve Farris and Robben Ford. The album saw the band return back to it's heavy rock and is famously remembered for it's Bonham-like drumming from Eric Carr. It was also the last Kiss album released under Casablanca Records and was dedicated to Casablance Founder and President, Neil Bogart, who passed away from cancer May 8, 1982.
Single/Video:"I Love It Loud" (featuring Howard Marks) Pop Singles Position: #76. Album Peak Position: #45 (1983). RIAA Status:Gold.

1."Creatures of the Night" Paul Stanley, Adam Mitchell 4:01
2."Saint and Sinner" Gene Simmons, Mikel Japp 4:50
3."Keep Me Comin'" Stanley, Mitchell 4:00
4."Rock and Roll Hell" Simmons, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance 4:08
5."Danger" Stanley, Mitchell 3:55
6."I Love It Loud" Simmons, Vinnie Vincent 4:12
7."I Still Love You" Stanley, Vincent 6:06
8."Killer" Simmons, Vincent 3:19
9."War Machine" Simmons, Adams, Vallance 4:13

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