Monday, September 21, 2009


TMR Music Review: KISS - Sonic Boom
By Bruce Owens
Is it possible for a band to rip their selves off? KISS’ new release Sonic Boom nods to classic KISS in a frightening way. Though they are marketing geniuses KISS has always been on the trailing edge of music trends. Still they tend to get to the party in time to make an impact.
Case in point KISS’ disco anthem “I Was Made for Loving You” was released on the eve of the death of disco. KISS was also late getting to the hairband party. Still KISS was able to wash of their makeup, that is most of it and crank out some great hits.
So now we have the retro resurgence of classic rock. Retro bands Jet, The Killers and Wolfmother are all building huge audiences regurgitating 30 year old riffs.
On the retro band wagon comes KISS. They have come full circle abandoning their heavy metal\hair band days of Animalize and Psycho Circus to once again deliver straight forward hard rock.
Not only have they ravished the KISS catalog they seem to have strip-mined every good idea the band has had since their inception. Gone are the over processed guitars of Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent. Tommy Thayer is delivering a classic Les Paul via Marshall stack sound through his Hughes & Kettner amp.
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