Saturday, September 5, 2009


By J. Frank Hagan
JFH: Richie, You're back in the City of Brotherly Love- do you have fond memories playing here in Philadelphia?
RS: I love this city. I used to perform here with a former band, the Seducers.
This whole night is dedicated in the memory of my former drummer who passed away. He was a member of the Dead End Kids, the Missles and all these great bands from Philly that have been around forever- Tonight is is memory of Billy Lomax and I am very happy to be here.
Earlier today, you jumped up onstage at FuzzStock with tonight's opener, Fosterchild, in New Hope. What did you play with them?
Cool band. I got up there and did "Johnny B. Goode" and "Purple Haze." I literally jumped out of the car and up onstage, did two songs and jumped back in the car and came back to Philly.
You're back on guitar rather than bass as you did with Mountian - Is that transition of changing instruments onstage an easy one for you?
It feels fantastic playing guitar and doing my own songs. I have a new rhythm section- Russ Wilson on drums (Dennis Dunaway Project) and Philly veteran bass player Larry Fisher who played with me in Sebastian Bach.
What led you to leave Leslie West and Mountian?
I think it was time. I put a lot of years and it was my main bread and butter - I got to go all over the world. It was time to be Richie Scarlet again. I know a lot of players that are working in deli's. Here's a band that's constantly touring - having been all over the world to Germany to Japan. I'm a big fan, having grown up listening to Leslie West. He's one of my influences on guitar.
Can you believe that it's been 18 years since "Trouble Walkin'?"
Has it been that long?
It's been that long. Are you still in touch with Ace?
No, I haven't talked to Ace in quite awhile. "Trouble Walking'" was a great experience, working with Eddie Kramer who did the Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin records. Wow. Eighteen years!
Have you heard any of Ace's new record, "Anomaly?"
I know he's putting a new record out and I wish him all the luck in the world with it. Ace is half the reason my career is what it is. He always treated me like gold. He opened tons of door for me and I love the guy.
What do you think of Kiss recording a new record?
If you wanna' go back to the original Kiss - I was with Peter Criss almost two weeks ago. I just cut ten tracks on bass. Angel, his original bass player had all the guitars done. So, I came down, did bass on ten tracks for his new album which is going to be released in April 2010. It's a great rock and roll record. I can't tell you how much fun we had for three days. It's kind of ironic going from Ace to Peter - the two rebels of Kiss. They were the attitude of Kiss.
What are you doing at the moment?
I am currently on two projects. One is my own solo record which is titled, "My Own Worse Enemy," and features Mike Dettor, legendary drummer who has played with everyone and Marky Ramone, Anton Fig and Steve "Budgie" Werner rounding out the drums. I did all the basic guitar, vocals and wrote every song. It's do out early 2010.
I am also working on a CD project with Dennis Dunaway, legendary bass player for Alice Cooper, who when I was in junior high school, was my favorite band. The original band - Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and of course, Alice Cooper. So to be working with Dennis on this record, along with Russ Wilson and a crazy lead singer named Joey T. The project is called the Sth Avenue Vampires. We're about 70% done with the CD. Dennis and I wrote all the music, Joe T. wrote all the lyrics. It's a kick ass horror-based vampire themed record. I'm doing all of the guitars on it. And it's another thrill because Dennis is one of my heroes.
You're playing the Newburgh Waterfront Festival? (Richie will headline on September 6)
Yes, it's true. It's a huge festival right on the Hudson River. It's for a great cause - Veterans of all wars. Without them, we wouldn't be sitting right here right now.
Cactus. I understand you've been approached by Carmine Appice about a reformation?
(Carmine is legendary - having drummed and co writer with Rod Stewart and drummed on Paul Stanley's 1978 solo record)
I have. At this point, I can't really say when that's going to happen, but if it would - to play with Tim Bogart and Carmine Appice, who I saw play with Jeff Beck when I was about eleven years old. Carmine appeared on my last CD. I've known Carmine since I was a kid. That's something that could happen that's out there. Wow, how did you know that?
There are a few projects I'm working on - Dr. Rick Garten, producing his group, Scrubs, out of New York.
I've been staying very creative. Playing tons of guitar, writing songs and lots of piano. The more I do that, the more trouble I stay out of. The more time on my hands, the more trouble I get into!
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