Thursday, September 17, 2009


BRUCE MEETS ACE (photo by Mark Weiss)
Legendary rock guitarist ACE FREHLEY discussed his first new album in 20 years, Anomaly, on September 14th before an intimate audience of 200 in the Grammy Museum's Grammy Sound Stage.

Former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK was on hand, and has issued the following: "Monday night I was invited to see Ace Frehley at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. I heard about the new museum, and the idea of a drop party (meaning the "day" the record comes out) for Ace obviously made me excited to attend.
Ace came out the capacity crowd of 200, held in the acoustically perfect theatre to his very loyal and excited fans. He looked great, and during the interview was funny and reflective talking about how his new Anomoly CD.
I enjoyed the songs that were introduced and played through the big JBL system. I especially think that Bob Santelli, the executive director who the evenings interviewer, did a great job picking the songs to discuss. Ace and the team that helped create the CD, answered the questions in regards to the music, lyrics and the inspirations for the songs.
Afterwards, the fans were able to purchase the CD and meet Ace. I was able to get this great pic of us courtesy of Mark Weiss, who has worked with KISS and most recently Ace's new disc artwork. Mark currently has a gallery of his pix on display at the Andaz Hotel, which was the famous Hyatt House on Sunset (
So that was a fun evening downtown, and I wish Ace his best on his new release. I really enjoyed what I heard, and some stand out tracks for me are 'Fox On The Run' and 'Genghis Khan'.
More news coming on my BK3 release and other events I have attended lately."

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