Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"Anomaly" is the first solo release by Ace Frehley in over 20 years and tonight was the date all Space Ace Fans were waiting for! Best Buy & KNAC.COM had the exclusive first dibs on presenting the new CD to the masses and I'm happy to have represented the station at this In-Store appearance in West Hollywood, fact KNAC.COM should be the ONLY true station 'Net or otherwise to represent Pure Rock here in town.
(I have the right to be bias because its true!) A great turnout of die-hard
fans in line waiting to get their CD signed by Ace and I want to thank each & every one of them who took time to speak and respond with cheers for me prior to coming inside the store. All ages were represented, from young to old and just a great sight to see.

Also in attendance was long time rock photographer Mark Weiss who was already in town on business and incidently he did all the shots for "Anomaly" as well as the one of me & Ace at the table. So I made a point to hit him up and get his updates.
All in all a lot of work to put this event together but well worth it since the climate in the retail world forces to you be ahead of the curve and create awareness at every turn and we(the fans) all agreed that "Anomaly" is a solid CD and hope there wont be another long wait for the follow up!

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