Sunday, August 16, 2009


(by Fabio/DeuceNews)

One year later I'm back to you and...what a year had been for KISS fans!KISS new album is around the corner, Ace's Anomaly is like a rocket ready to ride, Bruce's BK3 practically done and..I heard also about a possible new album from Peter!!!!What are your thoughts and expections for KISS, Ace and Bruce highly anticipated new albums?

I think clearly the Kiss album will have the bigggest marketing and name value and the highest profile. All reports are it will be part of an exclusive deal with a major retail outlet here in the USA, something acts like Journey and AC/DC have already done to great success. I have not heard a note of the CD so really no idea what it will sound like. Tommy and Eric are both great players so I have no doubt the musicianship will be solid. Kiss's music over the years has had many turns and directions so it should be interesting to see where they go. I'll have a hard time looking at a Kiss album with the image of Ace and Peter on it though. I just don't get why they don't give Tommy and Eric their own identity, but I will listen with an open mind.
Ace's album I heard and it's solid. Ace is not going to reinvent the wheel.You know what you will get with him and it's pretty much what Kiss/Ace fans will want and love. Straight up no nonsense hard rock. The biggest thing about Ace's album is his vocal. He is singing better than he has in a long time because he's sober. I also advised him on the lead track from the CD and think the first single "Outer Space" is a perfect first single. Listening to BK's album as I type this. Sounds real good and has Gene as a guest. Bruce is a great player but outside of the hard core Kiss fans he is a somewhat under the radar guy. His music doesn't rely so much on the Kiss formula. I think he did the smart thing getting many guests on the album and showcasing his playing. He will have the toughest road selling the CD just because of the lower level of awareness for him outside the Kiss world and in the mainstream.

Have you heard too about a new Rock&roll album from the old Pete?

Peter told me a while ago he had a rock record ready but no idea where thatstands. Kiss fans are loyal to Peter but the music that is most in his heart is not what Kiss fans want to hear, so It's harder for him.

You recently hosted Ace on your radio show, did he mentioned to you of a possible Anomaly European tour?

He wants to tour everywhere he told me. I'm sure it will all come down to where the most interest from promoters is. Like any tour.

Well and what's on your side? What about your projects and business?

I'm still doing two live national radio shows. One on satellite on Sirius/XM and one on FM radio live from New York City and syndicated to others. The way the landscape for radio is in NYC I'm pretty sure my show will be the only outlet for airplay for Kiss, Ace or BK in their hometown, but I'm happy to fill that void for the Kiss fans. I am also now gearing up to shoot the third season of my TV show for VH1 Classic called "That Metal Show". We are booking guests now and have some great stuff lined up. The show has been a big hit and we have all new shows coming in October. My website recently launched a members side and for a small fee you can hear my radio shows and interviews both on audio and video so come see me at

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