Thursday, June 25, 2009


(Kiss Mask Webzine)
The KISS camp may be calm at this very hour, but with KISS
starting a series of Canadian shows and two US shows, one in
Wisconsin, the other in California, the KISS World storm
is about to heat up the waters with a new album and tour.

KISS' new album, rumoured to be titled "360," (a new series of trading cards due in August of the same name) will be their first foray into the studio in 11 years since the original band got back together for 1998's "Psycho-Circus." Paul Stanley producing the album is a tremendous bonus along with the entire band taking on lead vocals.

KISS message boards are flooding with posters discussing the idea of new KISS music to new costumes to a new stage show. An excitement that both the band and the fans are riding the wave, a pipeline wave that's about to get bigger and bigger.

KISS' appearance on the season finale of AMERICAN IDOL, with runner-up Adam Lambert, was a brilliant move on both band and management's part on getting
KISS back into the media (into 28 million homes) with both a new album and tour to promote.

Another brilliant move ( yes, I will continue to repeat the word brilliant) is the first ever fan-routed tour, through Eventful, which will have the cities with the most votes cast, where KISS will play on the tour. This move has lead to a constant eye for KISS in the media.

Add yet another brilliant move- KISS' new album will be a Wal-Mart exclusive release in North America with a section dedicated just for KISS called "the KISS Korner." Fans will be able to purchase not only the new album, but exclusive merchandise at one of the US' leading retailer. The album is eyed for a September release with a single going to radio in August, as previously reported here. KISS will then embark on their first US tour in five years with new music, 60 cities, and a new "state-of-the-art" stage show and the KISS Army of fans in tow. As Gene Simmons always says, 'KISS will get out there and show all the young boys how the big boys do it!' That they will.

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