Monday, March 9, 2009




Harlley Rodrigues (Kiss Killers Brazil)

Ricky: Hi Tommy, how are you?
Tommy: I’m fine, thanks!

Ricky: The Kiss is coming to Brazil, will be a great presentation, believe it. What is your expectation?
Tommy:KISS in Brazil is always huge and this time will be no different. After the start of our Alive/35 tour in Europe last summer that went so well, the band is primed and ready to put on the ultimate show for the fans of Brazil. It's gonna be a party!

Ricky: Many fans awaiting this show for 10 years, what Kiss reserve us for the big day?
Tommy:The band is rockin' like never before.

Ricky: Tell me about the new album from Kiss. Can you say something about it?
Tommy: We're in the recording studio right now working. Your gonna love it!

Ricky: Do you will sing a song in the album?
Tommy: No plans to.

Ricky: With the release of the album, do you believe that the band would return to Brazil?
Tommy: I think that's a great idea.

Ricky: I don’t know if someone already asked you this, but when and how do you received the invitation to replace Ace Frehley?
Tommy: As you might know, I've been in the KISS camp for many years. When the time was right, it happened naturally.

Ricky: Did you want to create your own makeup?
Tommy: No

Ricky: How do you see the Kiss in the future?
Tommy:KISS will live on. You can not refute 35 years of bombastic spectacular.

Ricky:Tommy,thanks a lot for interview, and see you in São Paulo!
Tommy:I can't wait to see the Brazil KISS Army loud and proud!
(pictured:Tommy's ad for his Signature Duotone Head Amp/Hughes & Kettner Amplication where he donated his royalties last October to the Childern's Hosptial of Los Angeles

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