Friday, February 27, 2009


PAUL STANLEY was recently interviewed by AM NEW YORK- Here is the excerpt from the interview--------
By Pete Catapano

amNewYork: What can fans expect from the new KISS record?
Stanley: It's very much an album that picks up where we left off in the '70s. It's not an album that reflects trying to pick up whatever current. We've been out a lot on the Kiss Alive 35 tour. Our biggest and most successful tour of Europe, we did 30 shows and about 400,000 people and we leave for South America — a bunch of stadiums — in April. And the band has never sounded better or more focused. And playing the 'Kiss Alive' album and a lot of other classic songs has really just whetted our appetite to go in the studio and transfer that, that same feeling and ferocity into new material.

amNewYork: Do you ever get tired of playing the old stuff?
Stanley: I would never, ever grow tired of those songs. The songs have made me both incredibly satisfied and rich and made a lot of other people very, very happy. It would be a show of disrespect — and maybe not deserving — to grow tired of something that's meant that much.

amNewYork: What kind of satisfaction does painting give you that music doesn't give you and vice versa?
Stanley: It's much more initiate and it's much more personal in the sense that it lives without a lot of the structure that music does. If you write a song you have to have music and you have to have melody that fits the music and a rhyme scheme that fits the others. With painting for me there's no boundaries, there's no limits. In painting, the only limit is the edge of the canvas.

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