Monday, December 8, 2008


GENE SIMMONS the Dictator

Gene Simmons, ever the promotional multitasker. Paid and flown in to E-town to cut the ribbon on a new Future Shop while simultaneously promoting his new Guitar Hero axe, he's also in the city to scout new talent for his record label.
Simmons sees himself as an early prospector of our country's untapped, future musical gold mine, internationally.
Working with Universal, he wants to find bands who posses both that undefinable "it" but also the egoless willingness to let an experienced rocker like him call not just some, but all the important shots.
In a sit-down interview at the Hotel Mac Friday, he reminisced, threw a proposal to take over the NHL's marketing on the table and confirmed a number of basics. KISS will be touring again this summer and back in Edmonton as soon possible - one of their very first gigs as a band was at the U of A, after all.
Repeatedly referring to himself as someone who sees the big picture, I asked him what he would do if he was president of the United States.
With some shocking and fascinating ideas, the bass legend with the giant tongue did the rest of the talking.
"You couldn't pay me enough. Because a lot of people would try to knock me off. Because I don't give a s---. I have a Schwarzeneggerian point of view. Which is if you have enough money to say, to do ... what you think is right that you're elected for, there are no political repercussions and you don't care. Not about your party, not about anything.

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