Monday, October 13, 2008


PAUL STANLEY and "LIVE TO WIN" director LOU ANTONELLI are working on yet another film together titled, "the Artist's Gaze."
From an Interview with Lou Antonelli---Lou picks up the story from here...

"That’s something we’re evolving as a film. We’ve been working on it for over a year now. The film is called “Paul Stanley: The Artist’s Gaze” and again we’re back to the aspect of the gaze, the stare, comes from the eyes. It’s all about his work as a fine painter, his evolving work as an artist, how it’s coming from deep within him. And I think one of the things about Paul’s art that’s really fascinating is how emotional, how romantic it is. The visual quality of it that he’s bringing to it that’s coming from very deep inside, I like to see how that’s growing and evolving with him, and for his audience in art that’s coming out. It’s really from art critics to art collectors to casual people Paul is bringing to art through the celebrity of KISS that he is bringing to art for the first time. He’s really exposing people to expressionism and different ways of communicating visually that they never had seen before, I don’t think. So at least from what I’ve seen at galleries and so forth, a lot of people are telling me that, so it’s very…
"One of the things that, and even with KISS in any way, especially around Paul, it’s always very genuine. People have a genuine love and affinity for him and I think when they buy a piece of his artwork, it’s like a piece of him and it literally is. It literally is a piece of him because it comes from way deep in his soul and in his heart and the way he communicates. So that’s one of the things we’re evolving in the film “The Artist’s Gaze.” We’re not in any hurry to complete it. It’s a thing that we’re evolving. The best films are films that hopefully come out in a way where they evolved over time. They took on their own life, their own feel. And then when they’re ready to be born, they come out and they say here I am, world, I’m ready to take you on. That’s the same thing that happened with “One Live KISS.” It evolved over time and it became, with Paul’s influence, a different film than I originally intended to make. And that’s a great thing."

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