Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The Elder" Movie Moving Forward

We first reported this story here a few months ago and the press is picking up again regarding a film based on Kiss' 1981 concept album, "(Music From) The Elder."

KISS - The Elder - The Movie?
A film inspired by the 1981 KISS concept album “(Music From) The Elder” may be coming to the big screen.
The album was intended to be the soundtrack to a movie — a movie which, due to the relative commercial failure of the album, was never made.
30 years after the album’s original release, U.K.-based writer, musician and independent filmmaker Seb Hunter has announced plans to produce a “post-apocalyptic road movie” based on ‘(Music From) The Elder’”, with production slated to begin this summer.
The Guardian reports Hunter updated his blog last fall to use it as a means of raising funds for the film.
The storyline depicts the thoughts of The Boy during his training by the Elders, under the auspices of Morpheus. An attempt to emulate the success of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” it boasted a choir, orchestra, bits of spoken-word, lyrics by Lou Reed and none of the three-chord jock rock KISS were famous for.
Needless to say, it tanked, and the film was never made.
Hunter reckons that “shoehorning a 30-year-old record into the movie would be clunky.” Instead, he plans to use “(Music From) The Elder” as an “aural resource” and, rather than adapt the Kiss Koncept, he’s threatening a “post-apocalyptic road movie; The Road meets 28 Days Later meets Excalibur.”
As to whether KISS bassist Gene Simmons will give it his blessing, Hunter has a plan. “I want him to play the arch baddie, Mr. Blackwell,” he says. “Gene had a half-decent acting career in the mid-80s, actually – Wanted: Dead Or Alive and Runaway. He played villains in both.”
There’s more info at elderthemovie.com.

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