Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Classic Rock Interview:KISS On New Album

Story by Dave Everley. .

Here's a portion of the interview. Read the rest in the latest CLASSIC ROCK.

"It's Sonic Boom on steroids!"

Exclusive! Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons on KISS's new studio album. And the book. And the golf course...

Nearly 40 years into their career, and the fire is burning stronger than ever for Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. KISS's senior partners are back in the studio with guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer to record their 20th album. Just as 2009's Sonic Boom revitalized them as both a viable recording band and a proper unit, this new album -- recorded, like its immediate predecessor, at L.A.'s Conway Studios -- finds them more focused than ever. "KISS, over the years, has strayed," says Simmons, giving Classic Rock the exclusive low-down on the as-yet-untitled album with Stanley. "We've had bitches who didn't love us, we just liked their asses and we did them for the night. But I will say unequivocally that the new record feels honest."

How far into the album are you?

Paul Stanley: We've recorded eight tracks. Everything's on except the vocals. There'll be 10 on the album, with a couple of tracks as bonuses for different projects.

How does it build on Sonic Boom?

PS: Sonic Boom was a pivotal album in the sense that we were aware of who we were as a performing band, but we had to re-establish who we are as a recording band. That being done, this is much easier and that much more self-assured.

Gene Simmons: This new record feels heavier than Sonic Boom. It feels like there's a connection between Destroyer and Revenge.

Care to throw us a few song titles?

PS: I'd be surprised if the album didn't start with "Hell or Hallelujah." It's up-tempo, a great riff, definitive KISS. There's a track called "Born to be a Sinner," and Tommy has a song called "Out of This World" which is terrific. They're anthemic soncs. That's the nature of how we write. There are no ballads.

GS: "Are You Ready?" is a new track that I worked out, wrote, and brought everyone into the studio and said: "Let's bang this out." Another of the new songs, tentatively titled "Wall of Sound," we just came up with on the spot. The guts of that song were written in 40 minutes.

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