Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gene Simmons: A Dip In The Gene Pool

Let's KISS and make up at the arena: A dip in the Gene pool

by David Dunn

AS KISS arrive, all flamethrowers blazing tomorrow, don't expect any modesty from the mighty Gene Simmons.

"I love the sound of my own voice," he admits at the start of our face to (make-up-free) face chat in a swanky London hotel.

But for the all the bravado and bombastic stage shows, the KISS bassist and lead singer is a big man with a big heart, not least when it comes to seeing the influx of new young fans in the crowd having caught the KISS bug, thanks partly to their long overdue album Sonic Boom.

"It's the kick of a lifetime and sometimes very emotional on stage," says Gene. "I know this sounds likes a soundbite, and I accept that criticism, but when I'm on stage I have a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing.

"When I get up on stage it's full-on who I am at that time. I'm sweating like a pig even though I'm not out of breath, you're adrenaline kicks in, your heart's pumping, your chest cavity gets bigger.

"And when I look out into the audience and I see a five year-old kid in KISS make-up on the shoulders of his dad in the same make-up, it really affects me emotionally. I have cried on stage and when theysee it, they cry.

"There's this band-fan connection. There is a KISS nation, a KISS Army."

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