Monday, October 5, 2009


(Special Thanks to Ace Frehley, Frank Munoz, Kymm
Britton/60 Cycle Media, John Ostronomy, Jessica Anselmo, Gibson Guitars & the Hit Factory Recording Studios, NYC).

KM: You're going to do a min-promo tour here in the US followed by some European dates, correct?

AF: We got offered some isolated shows. Not a major tour. I'm off to Japan to do a big festival and I've got a bunch of date in Australia then we'll come back and do a bunch dates in the States. I just found out I am going to Europe and 2010 we're planning a big tour. We're trying to put a nice package together.

KM: Do you find the record industry, the way it is now, better for an artist to put music out via your own label?

AF: For a guy like me it. A lot of labels are in trouble financially. A lot of them have closed shop. Some of them didn't make that transition into the Internet and publishing. I mean the Internet has changed the way, not only in the music business, but everywhere. Rather than sign with a major label who could write me a big check, I thought it was better... I hired a marketing team like Rocket Science who have done a fabulous job. They're responsible for the packaging, marketing, and they've made sure it is everywhere. Unlike Kiss' new album was going to be released exclusively through Wal-Mart- You can buy my album anywhere, worldwide- And that was important to me.

KM: In the New York Post, you recently said that you used to hang out at Studio 54. I was a bit surprised by that. That had to be some of the most wild times?

AF: Yeah (laughs). That was one of my hangouts. There wasn't that many places I could go where I wasn't bothered. That was one club I could hangout - It's like everyone else was a celebrity there. That's why I went there plus it was a fun joint! (laughs)

KM: What was your favorite Kiss album?

AF: Probably "Destroyer." I think it's one of the better record. It wasn't necessarily my favorite album to record. It's classic Kiss!

KM: You've talked a lot about Pro Tools - Is that a relatively a new program to record?

AF: No, it's been around for awhile. But it's really become the standard in the recording business today. I mean, I've had the program for a long time, but never really mastered it. This is the first time I was going to do it exclusively digitally. I got a Pro Tools teacher and sat down with him and luckily I've been working with computers my whole life. I took the lessons and caught on real quick. It's like, wow, I can sit in my hotel room and record and do over-dubs on my lap-top. It's nutty.

KM: When you enter the Pearly Gates, what would you like to hear God say?

AF: I'd like him to say, "Job well done, Ace!" If I can stay on the right path, I think that's what He'd say. Sometimes it can be a struggle. It's one day at a time. This is one Thanksgiving I'm gonna' get down on my hand and knees and count my blessings. All my hard work is starting to pay off. I've got a lot of things to be thankful for. Not just the music end of it...

KM: Just yourself...

AF: Yeah. Just the fact I am walking and talking (laughs). I think thirty one years later, history might repeat itself. I am coming out with a record. I feel exactly the way I felt back then. Driving around in my car listening to the '78 solo album, saying, "Man, I think I've got something good here."

KM: You most certainly do Ace. Thanks for the music and the interview.

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