Wednesday, July 22, 2009


From GENE SIMMONS.COM Archive 616

Dear Gene,
You, guys make dreams come true. You brought tears to my eyes when I watched the ELLEN show and the surprise KISS brought to David. KISS has plenty of heart and soul. It was an amazing moment to see the look on his face when you guys came out. I am getting goose-bumps just writing this.It's funny, 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer with a 20% chance of survival, and this was the second time around. I swear, I listened to KISS, as always. Even went to the ASYLUM show in Philly in a KISS bandana to keep my bald head warm (the show was around Christmas, so it was cold). I am still here and so is little David. Thank you for making his dreams come true... You've made mine.Thank you for being YOU!KISS die-hard until the end...Frank from NJ


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