Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Casino Rama, Ontario - July 20, 2009 Photo Courtesy of Splash Magazine
By JASON MacNEIL - Sun Media

For two nights this week, legendary New York rock band KISS made it feel like north of Toronto was Rama Rock City.
And while the main core of bassist/singer Gene Simmons and guitarist/singer Paul Stanley are quite long in the tooth, the quartet brought all the explosions, fake gore, fireballs, fire-breathing, kabuki-esque makeup and customary costumes they’ve thrived on for 35 years.
A near-capacity crowd for night one of the two-night stand at Casino Rama was treated to over two hours and 20 songs of spectacle as KISS rounded off a brief but successful Canadian trek celebrating the 35th anniversary of their live Alive! album.
And it was a whole heap of oldies which had most on their feet beginning with the rather rollicking Deuce which saw the band – and even drummer Eric Singer’s kit – descend from the rafters to loud applause.
Whether it was the eye candy or the whole bells and whistles, KISS succeeded in getting fans enthused, even if some of the songs came across not as crisp as the studio versions. This was especially true when Stanley’s voice never came close to hitting a few challenging high notes during the disco-era but musically strong I Was Made For Lovin’ You in the encore.

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