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Recently, KISS MASK'S Frank Hagan sat down with Italy's Deuce News for a one -on -one interview. Here is the transcript of that interview.
(NEXT KISS MASK ARCHIVE INTERVIEWS: In celebration of their birthdays in the month of December, KISS MASK will present the CATMAN, PETER CRISS and BRUCE KULICK! STARTING NEXT WEEK ON KISS MASK WEBZINE!)

Today I've the pleasure to introduce you my buddy J. Frank Hagan. Frank is currently running a great weblog KISSMASKWEBZINE born in June 2008, but his KISS jobs are really a little bit older.

Hi Frank, let's talk about KISSMASK, the fanzine!.

I started the fanzine in 1988. It was around the time when there were about twenty five KISS fanzines going at one time. So many that KISS gave us all credit on the "Hot In The Shade" album and KISSTORY. I loved doing it because I was in the printing business and one of my jobs was proof-reading as well. I met an enormous amount of people through KISS MASK and made a lot of good friends through that 'zine. It was a very exciting experience. Now through the webzine I meet cool people such as yourself. So, through the band I still continue to make good friends.

You came out with great interviews (I recently translated the one with Eric Carr).Can you tell us your impression about the KISS member you've met?

Although I've met Gene and Paul many times, I've never interviewed neither. Eric Carr was just so cool. I can't say enough things about him. He was very supportive of KISS MASK from the begining. So was Bruce Kulick, always there. Ace was hilarious. My interview with him was a laugh a minute. I'm not so sure he wasn't buzzed when I interviewed him. Peter was also very cool. Very accomodating. I've met both Ace and Peter many times. It's always a treat being around them. One of the most interesting interviews for me was Bill Aucoin. He is very informative and honest. Eddie Kramer is fascinating to say the least I know Bill and Eddie are not KISS members, but they are so important to the history of KISS.

You are also known as Wildwoodkiss75 in some KISS forums, would you like to tell our Italian friends the nice story behind that?

I first saw the KISS in Wildwood, NJ in 1975. I wasn't supposed to see the band. My mom saw KISS on the Mike Douglass Show and forbid me to see them. She didn't know what to make of them. I was actually at the Jersey Shore that summer in nearby Cape May and my brother was going to the show. He got me in and we never told me mom until later when I was older. Ever since that time in Wildwood, I was hooked on KISS. My one brother was into the Doors. My other brother was into Led Zeppelin and I had KISS! I had no idea they were recording the show until later on. I believe they used "Black Diamond" from Wildwood, NJ. So that's where I got my screen name.You are a photographer right?Yes I am. I have not only photographed KISS but also Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, among others. I love photographing KISS. They are so animated. They give you great poses. They really know how to work a photo.

Coming back to the web, you know your weblog is one of my daily readings, why did you decide to come back with a fanzine (on line this time)?

Thanks! I read yours too on a daily basis! There is so much activity on the web. I really missed writing about my favorite band. I worked with several fanzines after I folded MASK. With MASK, I just didn't have the time for it anymore. And I still continue to write and photograph for some European websites and 'zines. I missed the creative control and I thought what a great avenue to reach so many more people than on the web.

2009 seems to become a really great year for us diehard KISS fans. What do you think about?

I think KISS is going to have a stellar year in 2009. I think they will do a new album. I think the time is right for new KISS music. I hear all the time that it's not real KISS and yes KISS will always be Gene, Peter, Ace and Paul. The original four will always come to mind. But there are many formations of KISS. Eric has been associated with KISS since 1989. Tommy's been on board for so many years. They are part of the KISS family. And if Gene and Paul want to continue doing the band, they have every right to do so. It's their baby. I think a new album will come. Paul is certainly hinting around about it in the press. The idea of Paul Stanley producing is very appealing to me. The guy reeks of talent. KISS will finally tour the US next year as well as going back to Europe. While they are out there they should go back to Australia and Japan. They draw huge crowds there as well. KISS attracted huge crowds in Europe in '08 as well. I think it's going to be an exciting year for KISS as well as the fans!

Frank, I really thank you, for spending some time here on my DeuceNews, hope to really meet you somewhere, sometime.

Thanx Deuce! You must visit the US when KISS tour. We'll hang for sure!


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