Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Kiss Mask Webzine contacted Kiss' booking agent, Creative Arists Agency, in regards to a US 2009 Kiss Tour and recieved a "no comment." Rumors are swirling regarding the highly anticipated Kiss Alive/35 tour to play US cities. Although Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have stated in media outlets that there will be a 2009 US tour, information we've gathered (with no confirmation) is pointing to a spring into summer tour that could also possibly feature a co-headlining tour in the vein of the Kiss/Aerosmith which was one the highest grossing tours of 2004.

Now with Ross Haflin hinting of a Kiss album, would it make sense for Kiss to do a spring/summer tour when there is a possibilty of an album coming? Would that mean a Kiss tour could be put on hold to promote a new Kiss product? We tend to think that a new album is just "talk" at this point and a tour is much more feesible especially knowing Gene (and Paul's) feelings of the current state of the recording industry. However, it makes great news and builds up intentsity for a long overdue tour for the men in the greasepaint.

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